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As we travel our final leg of this blessed journey, I’m physically and emotionally weary. However, I already miss the sweetness of the Guatemalan culture and the dear people who captured my heart. I left a piece of my heart in Peronia and am eager to return someday. I feel like I have a lot to process because I was deeply impacted throughout this trip. I’ve been praying the whole flight that God will cement memories and experiences that will push me closer to Him and produce fruit in my life. I’ve never really had much of a desire to immersed in another culture and found it a bit stressful when we were led to Guatemala. God used the experience to stretch and humble me, yet I’ve never felt so blessed. I saw Jesus and experienced His presence in a very real way. I pray that I will never be the same. I love my new friends in Guatemala and will miss the precious little faces that I got to kiss every day. I’m so thankful for the opportunity that we had to go and feel like I received much more than I gave. The people are rich with love, joy, and beauty. I long for what they have.

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  1. VICKI KEYS says:

    I prayed for you the entire time and rejoice with you in what the Lord has done in your heart! I’ve heard it said that going to a 3rd world country changes so much about how you see people/life. I would love to have that experience someday too! Thanks for sharing your experience! I can’t wait to hear more!

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