“God Stories” in Gautemala and Beyond – Clint Adams

As we fly back from Guatemala, I bring back many memories of a tremendous week.  We taught the dear Guatemalan students and built relationships as we talked and played with them.  We had rich times in devotions and sharing. We experienced anointed times of bilingual worship and prayer.  We saw beautiful sites in Antigua, and struck many a deal in the marketplace.  We enjoyed times of laughter as we ate and rested.  We saw a fantastic group of teens show love, work hard, persevere through adversity, and go deeper with God.

For me, the most indelible memory will be the family visits.  We met children and parents with modest (at best) possessions and extremely difficult circumstances.  These families inspired me with their diligence and faith in God.  And God has provided and protected them in amazing ways.  I think of their stories as “God stories”, because only God could have arranged people and resources in such miraculous ways.

I wonder what God stories are waiting to be written back home.  I want to be close to Christ so that I can join him where he is working, and see him do the things that only he can do.

“My Father is working until now, and I am working.” – Jesus (John 5:17)

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  1. VICKI KEYS says:

    It is so exciting to hear how God is working in ways we can’t even imagine until we can experience it (like you) or hear of it (like me)! So excited to hear all that God has done this week, in and through all of you!

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