A View From The Youth – Andrew Jariga

Being our last day with the kids, many of us had a very sad but powerful day. Our work with the kids culminated in a series of presentations that were performed by the kids for their peers and families. Also during this time we had our final recess and said our final goodbyes. It is very hard to know that we will most likely never see these children again. God has helped relationships to form that should have never been possible considering the language barrier. I remember on the first day of the trip when Logan prayed that we would fall in love with the kids of the Amigos school, and God has powerfully answered that request. It was so cool to see the joy on the faces of our new friends as we played games together and passed out stickers and candy. We have seen many other prayers answered in the same way. Thank you for your faithful prayer. We will see you very soon.

-Andrew Jariga

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