A Difficult Road

Yesterday’s post was a hard one. But it was also a necessary one. As I continue to seek God and long to be more like him there are things that have to be done and things that have to change. Yesterday was one of those days. I looked back at that post/prayer today – because honestly I just typed as I was praying and that’s what came out which is what most of these posts are – and I am thankful for how God spoke to me. I look at is a cleansing and healing. Does it mean any feelings I have about certain things are gone? No. Does it mean I will never want revenge or justice or punishment or whatever to fall upon someone that does my or someone I care about wrong? No. What it does mean is that I know while I may think those things that it is not for me to decide. Jesus came I to this world to saw the lost, the broken, the sinners. He saw them and sat with them, are with them, he loved those hat society had deemed unlovable. And when those that he reached out to scorned him or came after him he turned around and left them to their chosen fate.

Today I was reading through A.W. Tozer’ book the pursuit of God and the chapter I was on talked about how we have a ‘self’ veil over our own hearts that is our fleshly fallen nature. Our sins, self-admiration, self-sufficiency, egotism, and a host of other things and that we have to invite God in to destroy them so we can be truly free. So Jesus will have full reign in our heart. It’s a hard process but necessary as we seek after God. Tozer writes,

To rip through the dear and tender stuff of which life is made can never be anything but painful. Yet that is what the cross did to Jesus and it is what the cross would do to every man to set him free.

Are posts like yesterday’s and thoughts like this easy? No, but I would do them everyday if I had to just so I could sit in the pure joy and freedom that comes with Christ.

God, continue to expose in me anything that keeps me from you. Cleanse my heart and my mind of any impurities and tear down the veil of self in my heart that you would be all that is left and that you would be all that I need. Thank you for another day of breathing and learning who you are and what you call me to. May my words and actions today honor and glorify you alone and bring a smile to your face.

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  1. Cindy Penrod says:

    I first read A.W. Tozer when I was a teenager. I loved him then, and I love him still. Such wisdom in his writing! I also enjoyed A.B. Simpson. I still have those very same books from many years ago and re-read them occasionally.

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