Put Down The Fingerpaints

I love how The Message states verse 1 of Hebrews 6:

So come on, let’s leave the preschool fingerpainting exercises on Christ and get on with the grand work of art. Grow up in Christ! (Hebrews 6:1MSG)

It goes on to talk about the fact that we know the basic tenants of our faith and we need to dig deeper, to yield a good crop. Once we drink in Christ and receive salvation we need to produce good strong crops. We have to keep growing and not keep Fallon back in our old ways and then do it all again. Otherwise we yield junk ( thorns and thistles) and will be thrown to the fire (a reference to John 15).

I get this because as a youth leader I, unfortunately, see this too often. What I mean is that the youth will go to a big event, kids are moved by a speaker or music and give their lives to Christ. They are on the mountain for a few days…maybe a week…and then BAM! Right back into the junk again. Next event comes along and they accept Christ…again. They sit on the mountaintop and them a few says later it’s as if nothing ever happened.

And it’s not just kids…I’ve seen it with adults as well. We get the basics but don’t want to take the time and effort to go deeper – to really know Christ and what he wants for our lives. We are called to abide in him, rest in Him, remain in him. To drink deep – go deep. If we spend our lives on Sunday’s worshipping and praising and learning and then turn around on Monday and act as if nothing happened and fall into the same old sin patterns we are growing thorns and thistles.

The writer tells the readers, the Jews and us, that Christ is our priest, the one who has gone before on our behalf. He reminds them that God promised to bless and multiply them and he promises to bless us as well.

So today, put down the fingerprints and dwell in the majesty of art that God has for you.

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