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Chapter three continues the trend of comparison, but more importantly continues to trend of comparing Jesus to those things of God, those men of God, those stories from the Old Testament that the original readers would have been so familiar with. Here he uses a lot of scripture from Psalms 96 which recounts the exodus of Moses and the Israelites.
The writer is saying in all of this that not only is Jesus held in more esteem than Moses but that we can’t fall into the same traps as the Israelites and let our hearts become hardened.

As I think about these last three days I realize how much I take for granted Jesus. What I mean by this is that fore, having grown up in the church I’ve always known who he was. He’s always ‘been there’. My context has always been Christ came to earth and is God’s Son and died for me and rose that I may know eternal life. It’s almost too easy. As I look at these three chapters and think about what it would be like growing up without that – or with a different belief system – and then trying to understand who exactly Jesus is. The Jews had all this history and all of their beliefs set from the Old Testament. They couldn’t understand or believe that Jesus was really who he said he was – and I think I can understand that a bit. It would be like someone coming in and trying to tell me that my parents were really aliens from another planet and here’s all the reasons and proof why – yes, that’s a horrible comparison but it early so hopefully the point is made.

But at the end of the day the Jews have to make up their own mind. They have to hear and believe. They have to make that change in their heart. I think about how so much of my life my ‘relationship’ with Jesus was just “Yes, I know Jesus is the Son of God and he died for me and rose for my sins”. I didn’t KNOW Jesus. I didn’t take time to spend time with him or try to get to know him more or really look at what it meant for him to really lead my life. Now – now that is so different. I can’t imagine a day without spending time with him. I know the days when I don’t are not the same. I have seen the power that his name holds. I have felt his presence in such amazing ways. My worship is so much more meaningful because it’s not about singing the right melody line or playing the right chords but is about Him. And all that may sound like words on a page or something from a nice card or something but it’s truth. Knowing Him – really knowing him is so much better than going through the motions. It’s not easy and there are days whee you feel alone but you aren’t. Listen for his voice, don’t harden your heart.

Find joy in all things each day for God gave you these days and wants you to be glad. Love God, Love others. Keep your heart soft. We are children of God – seek the Father today so that you can know him – he’s waiting for you.

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