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Kristen’s thoughts. . 

As we travel our final leg of this blessed journey, I’m physically and emotionally weary. However, I already miss the sweetness of the Guatemalan culture and the dear people who captured my heart. I left a piece of my heart in Peronia and am eager to return someday. I feel like I have a lot [...]

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“God Stories” in Gautemala and Beyond – Clint Adams

As we fly back from Guatemala, I bring back many memories of a tremendous week.  We taught the dear Guatemalan students and built relationships as we talked and played with them.  We had rich times in devotions and sharing. We experienced anointed times of bilingual worship and prayer.  We saw beautiful sites in Antigua, and [...]

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Flight Reflections – Len Maher

Well we are into our decent into Atlanta feeling physically tired but spiritually full. Once again it is amazing that you head into a trip to bless others only to receive a greater blessing yourself. It truly is better to give than to receive. There are many things about this trip that I could write [...]

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A View From The Youth- Katie Adams 

        I’m sitting on the plane getting ready to take off from Guatemala City Airport.  It’s really weird to think about being in America again.  I feel like in many ways I have gotten really used to the Guatemalan culture.  I’m used to the extremely early mornings due to firecrackers, dogs barking, [...]

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Thoughts As We Leave

It is our final day here at the Amigos School in Peronia. It has been a wonderful week full of smiles, laughter and the love of Jesus.  Of hugs and fistbumps, soccer and whiffle ball,  language challenges and communication that broke through it all.  A week of fellowship, supporting one another, little sleep, crazy showers, [...]

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A View From The Youth – Andrew Jariga

Being our last day with the kids, many of us had a very sad but powerful day. Our work with the kids culminated in a series of presentations that were performed by the kids for their peers and families. Also during this time we had our final recess and said our final goodbyes. It is [...]

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A View From The Youth – Nicki Almes

This has been one of the best weeks of my entire life. Some moments have been emotional, others have been funny, and some have been inspiring. All in all, I think I can speak for everyone on this trip when I say that we have definitely seen Jesus here. These kids here are the most [...]

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A View From The Youth -Charlotte Bates

In all honestly I was going to write this blog just to say hi to my mom but God has been speaking to my heart. Each morning we wake up to the sound of fire crackers which wasn’t as bad as the two birds fighting on our tin roof this morning but I feel like [...]

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A View from the Youth- Jordyn Daerr

Let’s just start off by saying I absolutely love this place. Every where you go you are greeted with a hug and kiss, or for guys a fist bump. The children are so loving and shine so bright. They always have a smile on their face and are ready to learn what you bring to [...]

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With All Your Heart

It’s Saturday morning in Guatemala. The teaching is done, we have a work day at the school today and only a few more days ahead of us here. Over the last three days I have watched countless of our youth interacting with the school kids here in classes, on the concrete soccer ‘field’, basketball court, [...]

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