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Who Has Told Every Lightning Bolt Where It Should Go

OK – I love watching lightning.  Always have.  Something about it just amazes me.  I’m not sure if it’s the beauty, the inherit danger or what.  A few years back we lost a tree in our backyard to a lightning strike.  While that was a bit close for comfort it’s still amazing.  A few years [...]

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I’ve caught Futbol Fever

So, despite the fact that my wife was a huge soccer player and my kids played I’ve never considered myself a big fan of the world’s biggest sport. Funny how some things change. I am completely engrossed in the World Cup.  Many times through the last week or so I’ve had a number of the [...]

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Reflections on Worship #21 – The Walk

I know it was a week ago, but I am just now getting around to posting my thoughts on last weekend’s Walk to Emmaus that I was a part of. All in all it was an absolutely amazing weekend with about 50 men full of music, prayer, incredible talks, amazing times of worship\communion and some [...]

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Walking to Emmaus

I am off to serve as a member of God’s team this weekend for the East Ohio Emmanuel Emmaus Walk (yes, that IS a mouthful).  I love serving with a group of guys that are all focused on God like this. This is my third time to serve on team and this time I will [...]

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Reflections on Worship #20 – Goodbye Rittman

So, this will probably be my final reflections for a while (and my final for a while as part of the Sunday Setlists at  As I mentioned previously this past Sunday was my final day to lead worship at the Rittman United Methodist Church.  I have resigned from my position as Director of Youth, [...]

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