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Faith (Part II) – Mark 6

A couple of days ago I wrote about needing faith.   I think one of the reasons that this topic is hitting so hard with me is because it’s one that I struggle with.  I’ve been mulling over Chapter 6 this weekend.   The first day I read it I something struck me about the 6th [...]

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Reflections after a stroll in the Mustard Patch

My buddy Ben put up a very interesting blog post tonight that got me thinking.  I really agree with what he’s saying.  Knowing the Word of God and what it actually says as opposed reading the Word of God and making it say what I want it to say is something that I have really [...]

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‘Cause Ya Gotta Have Faith – Mark 3 & 4

Whenever the evil spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out, “You are the Son of God.”  But he gave them strict orders not to tell who he was. (Mark 3:11-12 NIV) So, as I continued reading through Mark I see many instances of Jesus healing and casting out demons yet when [...]

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Be Prepared – Mark:1

I decided to start reading through the book of Mark again yesterday.  The plan is to read a chapter a day and blog on what God is showing me through His Word.  I would love for you all to join me and perhaps we can start a dialogue here about what God is revealing to [...]

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Reflections on Worship #1

So, I’m hoping to start jotting down some thoughts after service as many weeks as I can.  I’d say I’ll do it every week – but I know things come up from time to time and it won’t always happen. So, it’s the fourth week of Lent and today’s scripture readings were Ephesians 2:1-10  and [...]

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Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary

As I mentioned last week my mom’s birthday was on Thursday, my dad’s was on Friday (I won’t say how many years for these) and their Anniversary was today.  They have been married for 40 years and are still very much in love.  I thank God for bringing them together and for being the glue [...]

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Two other thoughts from the night

Two more thoughts on tonight – one impressive the other funny. First, as a guitar player, it’s always important to keep the guitar in tune.  I’ve seen many artists re-tune while they were talking.  Making it nice and seemless.  Paul Baloche loves to invite the congregation to “sing with just your voices” when he needs [...]

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Day of learning – Night of Worship

So, today I had the opportunity to head over to the Akron Baptist Temple for the Worship Together Live tour.  This was a half-day training event followed by a night of worship. The first session I was at was done by Matt Maher and was a great seminar talking about the liturgy of the church, [...]

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Worship Together Live

I’m pretty excited about today.  The Worship Together Live training and concert is going to be here in Akron at the Akron Baptist Temple and I’ll be headed over to it.  Matt Maher, Brenton Brown, Michael and Lisa Gungor and Kelly Minter are going to be providing training on topics such as:  “The Old & [...]

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Happy St. Patricks Day

So, Taylor wanted to “dress up” for school today.  He picked out his outfit and decided to dye his hair, “since leprechauns have red hair.”  Of course, he had second thoughts as he was getting out of the van at school. So – HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY from my little leprechaun, Taylor.

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