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A new lake…

Well, in a sense.  I spent the last 24 hours moving my website from one hosting company to another.  I’ve got to say – it was an experience.  I learned a lot about what to back up and how to properly move a blog so that you don’t lose all of your data. Luckily I [...]

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The net vs. the hook

So, I’ve been thinking about this passage from Sunday some more and the whole net vs. hook thing.  While thinking about it something else occurred to me. A net is useful to catch a lot of fish all at once.  When you’ve just gotta “catch ‘em all” (sorry for the bad Pokemon reference).  You throw [...]

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What do you use to fish?

Beth and I had the opportunity today to visit the Methodist Church in Rittman and hear a message from our friend Pastor Chuck.  He spoke on Mark 1:14-18 – The story of Jesus calling the first disciples. One of the things he mentioned was that Simon and Andrew were fishing with nets – a very [...]

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The Power of Prayer

I wanted to begin by thanking all of you who have lifted my Aunt Joan up in prayer.  Here’s the latest. She went to the ER last night and had suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm.  There was severe bleeding in the base of her skull and she was life-flighted to the Cleveland Clinic.  The doctors [...]

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Please pray

I Just got a call from my mom.  We just found out that my Aunt Joan Blubaugh (my dad’s sister) is not doing well.  She was taken to the hospital and the doctors are saying that they don’t think she’s going to make it. Please pray for peace – peace for my aunt, peace for [...]

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Was He Triple-Dog-Dared?

Saw this on the AP Wire this morning: Indiana boy licks light pole, gets stuck HAMMOND, Ind. – In a scene straight out of the movie “A Christmas Story,” a 10-year-old Indiana boy got his tongue stuck to a metal light pole. Hammond police say the unidentified fourth-grader was able to tell them that a [...]

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Piano Men

I’m a huge Billy Joel fan.   For the 4th grade talent show I sang “My Life”.  The first concert I ever went to was Billy Joel at the Colisuem at Richfield.  When Gund Arena (now “The Q“, aka “The House LeBron Built”) was opened the first event held there was a Billy Joel concert – [...]

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