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All Skate!!

So last night we headed into downtown Akron with some friends for some outdoor ice skating at Lock 3.  Lock 3 is pretty cool (no pun intended) as it’s Ohio’s largest outdoor seasonal ice rink. Taylor had the most falls – naturally – Ally had none and Brooke learned to love the wall.  In addition, [...]

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Merry Christmas

It’s just after midnight on Christmas Eve. The children and others are all nestled snug in their beds and we are preparing for a day of family, gifts and relaxation (that last part will come around 9:00 p.m. probably). Tonight’s 8:00 service was – amazing. I had a feeling when we planned it out a [...]

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The Nativity Story

IgniterMedia has put together a fun video called “Retooning the Nativity” that recounts the nativity story as many of us know it and addresses some of the “modifications” that have been made that aren’t really in the Biblical accounts.  It then wraps it up in a beautiful way with “the point”. May the love and [...]

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Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions – we all have them.  For some it might be singing carols around the piano, for others it’s baking cookies, doing an Advent Calendar or getting together with family. Here at our house one of our traditions is to decorate the tree together.  I throw some Christmas music in the CD player, put [...]

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It’s the most cough, hack, sniff time of the year

Well, winter is here and that means so is that old friend the cold – or flu – or nasty nose or whatever you want to call it.  It started on Wednesday with a “bad feeling” and kept getting worse until today when I was awoken at 4:00 by the lovely sound of a smoke [...]

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The joys of living in a neighborhood

You know, I’ve lived in a neighborhood (or development) my whole life.  I’ve always had neighbors next door and across the street.  It’s great – you make friends, kids get to know each other and play together, group cookouts, you’ve got someone you can borrow stuff from when you need to, all kinds of good [...]

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Maybe next year

Well, Beth put up our Christmas lights a few weeks ago.  We haven’t turned them on yet as there are some sections of the strings that are out and I haven’t gotten around to addressing them yet (this weekend, dear - I promise).  Now, I love them and they look nice – but then I see [...]

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