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Anniversary Remeberences

As my Anniversary comes to a close I just wanted to list some random remembrances from that day: – At the rehearsal on Friday, the pastor was going through the vows for Beth.  He went through them all “Love and Cherish”, “In sickness and in health”, and then he tried to slip this one in…”To [...]

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15 Years Ago Today

October 30, 1993.  It was a Saturday afternoon.  Penn State had just joined the Big Ten that year and were trounced by the Ohio State Buckeyes 24-6.  The Toronto Maple Leafs lose their first game of the season after going 10-0-0.  Meatloaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell II” was the number one album.  AND – In [...]

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What a weekend!

So, as I mentioned last week, this past weekend I have the joy of serving on team for the Fall Men’s Walk to Emmaus.  If you aren’t familiar with this it is a three day “experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation”.  There are lessons, singing, fellowship, small group discussion and a number of other [...]

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The Walk to Emmaus

Well, I’m about to head out for a 72 hour experience called The Walk to Emmaus.  It’s a three day retreat (this weekend is for men only – next weekend is for the women).  It’s an amazing time of teaching, worship, fellowship, eating and most importantly deepening your relationship with God.  I have the privilage [...]

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Do you eat the bread butt?

Well, do you?  I ask because I’ve started packing my lunch every day now.   Many days I pack myself Peanut Butter and Jelly.  So last week I’m making my sandwich and there’s three pieces of bread left – and two of them are the butt.  You know, that last piece that is more crust than [...]

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Great Free Book – Limited Time

OK, As I was reading through a recent issue of Worship Leader Magazine I saw a blurb about a blog that they recommended called Next Level Worship.  The first thing I noticed on the page was the top of the page has a post called “Free download of Pure Praise Study (Limited Time)”.  Click the [...]

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I guess I don’t know style

So, I hit my yahoo homepage today and noticed this strange image in the “most e-mailed photos section”.  So, being curious I clicked on it.  Here’s what I saw: Then I noticed some more unusual images: Here’s the caption for all of these: A model wears a creation by French fashion designer Pierre Cardin during [...]

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Morning Thoughts

So, I woke up this morning and couldn’t stop thinking about my last post.  Did I say anything useful or was I just sounding off like a clanging gong?  Did I say something that made God smile or did I just upset someone with my words?  In my quiet this this morning I opened my [...]

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It’s all about the numbers?

Confession time – I’ve always loved math and numbers.  I’m a geek, what can I say.  I loved math in school.  Algebra was great, Calculus was a trip, differential equations…not so much.   But in general I love numbers.  Here’s some numbers I’ll throw out there for you: 4012 – The number of songs currently in [...]

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