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Do You Pray With Your Spouse?

So, Beth and I took a class based on Gary Chapman’s Book “The 5 Love Languages” years ago.  It was a great class and I really think that it was a big factor in saving our marriage after I had done some really stupid stuff.  One of the things we heard in there, and at [...]

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I’m still alive!

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything up here – sorry about that.  To say that I’ve been preoccupied would probably be an understatement.  I’m serving as head music for the fall East Ohio Emmanuel Emmaus walk which is takes time.  Add onto that my continued service at church, an amazing family at [...]

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Brandon Heath – What If We

Wow – it seems like every time I turn around another album is being released.  I have to admit, I’m a bit of a music junkie.  I couldn’t tell you how many CD’s I have.  My iTunes library is huge – and I haven’t ripped everything I have yet.  Of course, I don’t own an [...]

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Hillsong just released their newest album entitled “This Is Our God“. One of the tracks on this album is called ‘Healer’.  If you haven’t heard this song yet you will soon.  It is an amazing song.  If you haven’t heard the story behind it, well, it’s even more amazing. Head over to this website for [...]

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Phil Wickham – Singalong

OK, I’ve posted about opportunities to listen to CD’s before they come out before but how about a chance to get a whole album for free?  Phil Wickham is a singer/songwriter who’s most recent album out there is called Cannons – it’s a great album. Well, he recently recorded a live concert up in Portland [...]

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Change To Music Page

Just an FYI that the Music page has been changed to a password protected private page.  It has the same content as before, however, the videos are not currently hosted on YouTube.  This is in order to prevent any possible copyright concerns with the songs that I had posted there.  I have added the text [...]

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Get in Sync

As a sort of follow-up to the post below I want to share this with you.  A few weeks back I came across Pastor Pete Wilson’s blog Without Wax (see the post on C.C. DeVille).  Pete is the pastor at CrossPoint in Nashville.  Well, I’ve begun listening to the sermon series that they have been [...]

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I Am Stuck

Have you ever been stuck?  You just can’t move forward?  Things have entered a familiar routine and you can’t break out of it?  Have you ever felt like you were living out the movie “Groundhog Day“? Well, I’m stuck right now.  I feel like I’m stuck in a rut where I’m doing the same things [...]

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