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Third Day – Revelation

Well, last week I put a link up here where you could hear the Big Daddy Weave album before it came out in stores and this week I’ve got another one.  Third Day will be releasing their brand new album Revelation on July 29th. Right now you can listen to the entire CD on-line at [...]

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The Winners Manual

Coach Jim Tressel of THE Ohio State Buckeyes has just released a new book entitled The Winners Manual. The blurb from the back of the book reads: If you’re struggling with your place in the world, if things have become difficult and you feel like giving up, or if you don’t know whether or not [...]

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Check this out…

Having grown up on 80′s hair bands and now as a father with a son who plays Guitar Hero and is learning about a lot of these bands seeing something like this is just cool.  Credit goes to Take Your Vitamin Z where I first saw the story. Apparently, C.C. DeVille, the lead guitarist for [...]

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Live out the church

Worship Central just put up a message by Francis Chan.  All I can say is wow.  I had the opportunity to hear some of this message last year at the National Worship Leader Conference but other parts are new.  Parts of this give me more food for thought after a previous post of mine.  Parts [...]

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Worship Leading & Songs with I/Me/We

OK, Carlos over at Ragamuffinsoul has a very interesting conversation going on.  As a worship leader I have to say that it is one that I’m keeping a close eye on.  It’s called “I Hate It When My Worship Leader…“.  Here’s the question he’s asked:  “When does a worship leader really botch it for you?  [...]

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New Big Daddy Weave Album

OK, this is a timed post – as in what I’m about to talk about is only available for a limited amount of time. Big Daddy Weave has a new album coming out on the 22nd of July called ‘What Life Would Be Like’. They currently have the whole thing available to listen to online [...]

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Cool Tool

Ok, so my buddy Joe over at Cup Of Joe posted about this today and I thought it was really cool so I did what any good blogger does and copied the idea (at least I’m giving him credit)! Anyway, he created this cool little widget that can be installed on your facebook site, myspace [...]

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Ever wondered how to win at the claw machine?

Well, it’s simple really…watch this to learn how to do it.

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Pray for our mission team

Our mission team left this morning for a week in New York City – Coney Island to be specific. There are 47 youth and adults there that will be serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. They are working with Salt & Sea missions there and will be doing some construction, soup kitchens and [...]

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Worship Band Seminar

As I was out checking some of the blogs I visit today I came across a great post over at Worship Matters.  There is a blog called Take your Vitamin Z where the guy that runs it had done a Church Band Seminar at his church and took video of most of it.  Through the [...]

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