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Shaun Groves in Concert

Check this out – FREE CONCERT!! How often do you hear that? Not too often! Well, I’m really excited about this so check out the info below. I’ve had the opportunity to see Shaun in a setting like this a few years ago and it was really cool. I also had the opportunity to sit [...]

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Prince Caspian – Living Water

The family and I went to see Prince Caspian. While I felt it was probably about 20 – 30 minutes too long and I could have done with the Telmarines having a little lighter accents I did enjoy it. The action scenes were very exciting and they did an interesting job of interpreting most of [...]

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Too cool for words

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Spring is here!

So, today was spring yard work day. We had 9 yards of mulch delivered – it was a mountain in our driveway that Brooke wanted to climb! We also rented a bed cutter which is just a big giant saw for your flower beds – it’s a beast but man does it work! We’ve got [...]

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Maria Sue Chapman (2003-2008)

Continue to pray for this family – especially the son.  I can not imagine what this young man is going through right now.  The Chapman’s have set-up a website where people can post a word of encouragement and see a video blog of Maria with Stephen that was shot a few months ago.  It just really [...]

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Just Pray…

Every parents worst fear is to lose a child. I just saw this over on another site and am left in shock. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through. Knowing how much his kids mean to him. I just keep thinking of the story behind the song “Cinderella” and … I’m [...]

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I wasn’t wanted…

Which is NOT a bad thing.  Finally made it through the entire jury selection process.  I was not selected to serve on the jury for this case.  I’ve got to say, it would have been interesting – but I’m not too upset about it as it would have been about a six week commitment.  I’ve [...]

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The People’s Court

Ok, it’s been a while since I updated this.  My life is crazy right now!  You see, here’s the deal.  I was randomly selected to serve my civic duty as a juror.  This week is the jury selection and we’re getting ready to start day three of it tomorrow.  I’ve got to tell you – [...]

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Mother’s Day Weekend

So, Sunday is Mother’s Day. I love the idea of Mother’s Day, if anyone deserves a thank you for who they are and all they do it’s my wife. It’s the execution that challenges me. With my wife it’s always next to impossible to get her something. She has a ton of books- many half-read. [...]

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Do you keep it to yourself?

So, Over at one of my favorite blog sites – – Carlos hosts a weekly post called “Creative Chaos” where a bunch of people have an opportunity to share their stuff and learn from each other.  As I mentioned in a previous post this past Sunday was our Youth Sunday and the theme was [...]

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