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More on-line resources

So yesterday I threw a couple of on-line resources out there for guitarists.  I’ve found a few more that I thought I’d throw out here.  First off is the CCLI site called CCLITV.  Turns out they are getting into the act now as well and posting three different “channels” – one called OpenMic which allows [...]

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Cool Guitar Resources

As someone who took a few guitar lessons about 10 years ago and then realized that if I want to really do this worship leading thing it might be nice to be able to play guitar so I can accompany myself I love the internet. One of my favorite sites is because each week [...]

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Well, yesterday was Brooke’s 7th birthday. Hard to believe that Beth and I are only 25 and our youngest is already 7 We had a day filled with soccer and softball and then went and picked up her Hannah Montana birthday cake! We then had the neighbor kids over and enjoyed a wonderful dinner of [...]

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It’s game time!

Today was the first soccer games of the season today for both of the girls. This is going to be a fun season for Beth and I – both girls play on the same days and at the same times! Luckily today the fields were pretty close to each other and we could see when [...]

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Parts of the body

Here’s a little video from a site called The Church You Know (there are some other good ones there besides this one) about why all the parts of the body of Christ are important.  Enjoy!  

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God’s Creation – Uniqueness

After Beth and I left Buckhead on Sunday we headed off to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  It was a beautiful warm day – at least for us Northerners.  We were able to just walk around the grounds and look at the amazing variety of plants, trees and flowers – mostly the flowers.  I took a [...]

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Worship at Buckhead

One of the other cool things Beth and I had a chance to do this weekend while in Atlanta was worship at Buckhead Church I heard about this church because I follow the online blog of Carlos Whittaker – whose blog I’ve linked to and referred to in the past.  Carlos is the Service Programming [...]

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My chance at 15 minutes of fame

So, Beth and I just got back from Atlanta, Georgia where I spent all day Saturday with about 300 other people who were auditioning for Gospel Dream 2008. Gospel Dream is basically American Idol for the Christian singer. This was one of those things for me where it was like, “Well, I’m not too old [...]

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Hawk Nelson

So, tonight Beth and I will be taking our son Taylor down to Malone College to see Hawk Nelson and Run Kid Run in concert.  It should be some good fun.  I know Taylor is VERY excited about it.  He went and got his haircut last week and made sure to get it cut so that [...]

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Food for thought

So I was over getting my daily does of Carlos Whittaker’s Blog and he had linked up with another bloggers conversation and asked the following two questions: Question One: What do you see the purpose of a church weekend gathering is? Question Two: Do you believe God can engage a persons heart in a weekend [...]

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