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Twenty Years Ago

I graduated from GlenOak High School in 1988 and decided to head to Ohio University in the fall. My first day there I went over to visit a friend from school named Kathy. I didn’t know many people down there so I figured I would go and say hello. As I walked into her quad [...]

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It’s been a long time

Wow – so I just realized it’s been almost a year since my last update here.  If there is even anyone left that checks this out at all, sorry about that!  I don’t have time to say much other than God is doing a lot with me right now and I’m really excited about what’s [...]

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I’m Still Alive

Wow…what a summer. I realize I’ve been MORE than a little quiet on the electronic front. I have unintentionally taken a break from a lot of things – this blog, my facebook account & twitter. It’s been nice and I can’t say I’ve missed reading all the tweets and updates on twitter and facebook. Sure, [...]

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RIP Dennis Hopper

Just saw that Dennis Hopper passed away today.  Sure, he played Billy in Easy Rider.  But as a child of the 80′s I will always remember him as the psycho ref from the Nike commercials.  Rest in Peace Stanley…I mean Dennis. Here’s a few of those for you that want to remember (or are too [...]

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A New Direction

Well, As some of you may know I’ve been spending a lot of time in prayer over what direction God is leading me.  I’ve been serving in a few different churches in a number of capacities over the last few years and have loved it all but always felt that something was still just not [...]

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I’m still here

Wow! I just realized it’s been a little while since I’ve posted. Things have been pretty busy. Some of the highlights are: My daughter Ally turned 10. I’ve Gained some new responsibilities at the office as a co-worker is leaving. Sr. High Youth Group is in full swing. Planning out some of the events for [...]

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What a night!

So, as I mentioned earlier the Wadsworth Central Intermediate School Choir got to sing the National Anthem at last night’s Akron Aeros game.  The kids did a great job.  Taylor and all his friends really enjoyed it.  He said as they were coming off the field they got to Hi-Five Jeanmar Gomez who had just [...]

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Updates Coming

So, I’ve got a lot to blog about this week – Brooke’s Brithday Party was Saturday, Camp Sunday was today and Taylor sang with me, this Sunday we have our DORMS Day event in Rittman and God continues to be the headline!! But – for now, I’m exhausted and going to bed. I’ll post tomorrow [...]

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Random List

I like to make lists Right now I have at least five different lists of things to do – 3 church related, 1 day job, 1 home. This week is Camp Sunday at church – all “contemporary” music and a testimonial\message. Brooke had her first soccer game of the season yesterday – Beth is coaching [...]

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It’s going to be SOME week!

So, Beth and the kids just headed off for a long 9 hour drive to visit family in Tennessee for the week.  While I’ve heard a few, “Oh, playing the bachelor for the week?” comments the truth is I’m going to miss them something fierce.  I love my morning hugs and kisses from the kids [...]

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