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Letting Go

What a week it’s been so far. We arrived in Estes Park, Colorado on Monday to drop Taylor off at Ravencrest Bible School for the year. We spent a few days hiking through the Rocky Mountain National Forest being amazed by the beauty and variety of God’s creation. We hiked a number of trails including [...]

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Make The Most of Life

Today’s post probably isn’t going to be long but I was sitting here praying and had iTunes Radio on worship music and a song came on that I may have heard once before. The words just really hit me this morning. We need to worry less abut what we don’t have, less about our jobs [...]

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Twenty Years Ago

I graduated from GlenOak High School in 1988 and decided to head to Ohio University in the fall. My first day there I went over to visit a friend from school named Kathy. I didn’t know many people down there so I figured I would go and say hello. As I walked into her quad [...]

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Be Still

My wife spent last week at her parent’s house in Tennessee with the kids.  While down there she spent a lot of time hiking through the Smoky Mountains, reading God’s Word and taking pictures.  The shots she took are absolutely gorgeous – from waterfalls to snow covered trees to the sun shining over the lake. [...]

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Taking a brief glance back

Wow – it has been a LONG time since I’ve updated this blog (I feel like I may have written that a few times before).  It’s funny how time can slip away from you.  My hope for the new year is to get back into a regular habit of updating this blog. I guess this [...]

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It’s All About Perspective

As a father to three young children and someone that works with youth I can’t but wonder what influence society is having on them.  The world says that things are bad, it’s all about money, divorce is the norm. Watch this video for a change in perspective on these thoughts…make sure you watch it all [...]

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Respect Inspector Jeff

As you may remember from previous posts, Beth and I began attending Freshwater Community Church back in June.  One of the decisions we made when we started attending was to wait before plugging in anywhere.  This allowed us to spend time worshiping together as a family.  It  also allowed us to listen to where it [...]

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Soccer Tourney Time

So, this weekend we had our first real experience with an all weekend soccer tournament. Ally’s GSA team played in a Tournament over in Buckeye.   One game Friday night, there was supposed to be a game on Saturday and a game on Sunday with a possible Championship game on Sunday. They won their first [...]

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I’m Still Alive

Wow…what a summer. I realize I’ve been MORE than a little quiet on the electronic front. I have unintentionally taken a break from a lot of things – this blog, my facebook account & twitter. It’s been nice and I can’t say I’ve missed reading all the tweets and updates on twitter and facebook. Sure, [...]

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Happy Birthday Brooke!

9 years ago today my own little angel arrived on the scene.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already.  I’ve always said, Taylor is a little mini-me, Ally is a mini-Beth and Brooke is…well, Brooke is 100% Brooke! She is an amazing and beautiful girl that usually knows exactly what she wants and [...]

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