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Light or Dark?

This week I am going to read through the book of 1 john. It’s a book I’ve read quote a few times in the last year and keep coming back to. I picked it for a few reasons: 1) I like it 2) it’s short – 5 chapters one for each day this week and [...]

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If You Smell….

Ok, confession time. I grew up as a teenager in the 80′s.  This was at the infancy of the pay-per-view event.  I can remember going to friends houses and watching Mike Tyson’s championship fights (all 30+ seconds of most of them).  I wasn’t a big boxing fan but it was still a good time. I [...]

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I missed it!

OK, confession time…I am selfish.  There, I’ve said it – it’s out there and it’s true.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love other people, I care about them.  I love doing things for other people, I love to serve other people, I love to sit there and listen to other people.  I could walk [...]

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