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Spiritual Fitness and Why I’m Blogging Again?

So I finished Ecclesiastes yesterday and don’t know what book is next. Today I wanted to just get up and spend some time on prayer listening for God to speak. I like just sitting praying to him and listening for him. Sometimes he speaks and sometimes he doesn’t – or I don’t hear him – [...]

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New Year/New Look

With the start of the new year and a hopeful return to consistent blogging I decided it was time to kick of a new look for the blog as well.  Gone are the dark colors from before in favor of a brighter, cleaner look.  I’m still tweaking the backend a bit so there may be [...]

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Taking a brief glance back

Wow – it has been a LONG time since I’ve updated this blog (I feel like I may have written that a few times before).  It’s funny how time can slip away from you.  My hope for the new year is to get back into a regular habit of updating this blog. I guess this [...]

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Sprouting Seeds

Well, this has been a monumental last few weeks for my wife in the area of technology.  First she got a Facebook account to reconnect with old friends and now… Sprouting Seeds is her new home on the web.  That’s right, Beth now has a blog.  Stop over and give her some encouragement.  I’m looking [...]

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A new lake…

Well, in a sense.  I spent the last 24 hours moving my website from one hosting company to another.  I’ve got to say – it was an experience.  I learned a lot about what to back up and how to properly move a blog so that you don’t lose all of your data. Luckily I [...]

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Cool Tool

Ok, so my buddy Joe over at Cup Of Joe posted about this today and I thought it was really cool so I did what any good blogger does and copied the idea (at least I’m giving him credit)! Anyway, he created this cool little widget that can be installed on your facebook site, myspace [...]

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Have you ever wondered where your church finds some of those videos they use on Sunday morning?  Maybe you’re looking for something a little on the humorous side to use with your youth group?  While there are a ton of sites out there with some great stuff, Sermon Spice is the site that has been [...]

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Updates are happening

So, the updates are slowly starting to roll-out.  You’ll notice that I’ve updated the image at the top of the site.  This is a picture I took from my in-law’s yard while on vacation down in Tennessee last week – what a view.  I haven’t decided if I’ll be changing color schemes yet, so stay [...]

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OK – So, I’m thinking of changing colors

You know, I’ve been looking at this black and blue screen and text and am thinking about changing to a different theme.  It’s still water based but it’s got more orange.  Oh, and the background is white with black text.  I think it will make things easier to read.  The site just looks too dark.  [...]

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