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A Call to Get Un.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Dare2Share Un.Tour in Columbus with the youth group from Freshwater as a leader.  This is my second opportunity to attend a Dare2Share conference and each time I left the events thanking God for the passion, heart and love that Greg Stier and the team at [...]

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To Save A Life

Today I headed out to the movies to see the new movie “To Save a Life” with some of the members of my youth group.  After watching it and having some brief discussion afterward I can say that this is a movie that I would have no problem recommending to youth, to those that work [...]

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DORMS Day – Survival

I survived DORMS Day!!  DORMS Stands for Doylestown, Orville, Rittman, Marshallville & Smithville.  Tonight the Rittman Church hosted the youth of these five churchs (well, four – Smithville wasn’t able to make it).  We had about 30 Jr. Hiigh and Sr. High youth there as well as a host of “older youth”.  For the first [...]

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Do you keep it to yourself?

So, Over at one of my favorite blog sites – – Carlos hosts a weekly post called “Creative Chaos” where a bunch of people have an opportunity to share their stuff and learn from each other.  As I mentioned in a previous post this past Sunday was our Youth Sunday and the theme was [...]

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Silence is not an option

Wow – been a few days since I’ve updated this.  I can be such a slacker sometimes. So this past weekend was Youth Sunday at our church.  I’m going to get a post up later tonight on that with more details, but for now I just wanted to throw this out there.  The theme for [...]

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A very moving drama

I first saw this video about six months ago. This is a “skit” that was performed by a group called Mission Baltimore at the 2006 Smoky Mountain Winterfest in Knoxville, Tenn. It moves me to tears every time I see it. It is a depiction of the battle that goes on inside of many of [...]

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