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Conficker – The World is NOT ending!!

OK, so I just wanted to offer a note about this whole Conficker.C issue.  You’ve probably heard about it on the news – it’s been getting a lot of publicity over the last few days.  The truth of the matter is you are probably safe if: If you keep your computer up to date with [...]

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Who needs an iPhone?

The iPhone – I mean, that’s so last month.  Now we’re hearing all about the Google G1 or Android and the Blackberry Storm.  Phhbbtt!!  Those phones are NOTHING!!  You want a next gen phone you have to check out the Pomegrante!  This thing will rock your world – click the picture to check out the [...]

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Have you ever wondered where your church finds some of those videos they use on Sunday morning?  Maybe you’re looking for something a little on the humorous side to use with your youth group?  While there are a ton of sites out there with some great stuff, Sermon Spice is the site that has been [...]

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I love computers

OK, so my wife’s computer decides to start acting up. Me – being the computer geek I am – figure “Hey, no problem. I can fix that in no time.” It’s now going on day three and I’m rebuilding a machine from scratch – thanks dad for giving me your old box.  I’ve got to [...]

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