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If You Smell….

Ok, confession time. I grew up as a teenager in the 80′s.  This was at the infancy of the pay-per-view event.  I can remember going to friends houses and watching Mike Tyson’s championship fights (all 30+ seconds of most of them).  I wasn’t a big boxing fan but it was still a good time. I [...]

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This Guy Has Some Passion

I grew up in Stark County, Ohio.  One thing is true about Stark County is we are passionate about a lot of things.  Football is huge there.  Stark County is home the Football Hall of Fame, and some amazing high school football teams. I never knew that politics was something else that Stark County was [...]

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea?

Ok, men – not sure what to get your wife for Mother’s Day this year?  Don’t worry – I’m here to help you out.  How many of our wives could benefit from this: So click here to pick up your own Better Marriage Blanket for that special lady in your life.  She’ll thank you for [...]

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Now THAT’S Hot!

OK, I love spicy food.  Tabasco brand pepper sauce is a friend of mine.  It goes on a lot of my foods.  Going out for Thai food – give me four pepper. However, a chili hot enough that they’ll weaponize it? From the Associated Press today – Indian military to weaponize world’s hottest chili GAUHATI, [...]

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The Shoe Fits!

Tell the prince that we found Cinderella! How about those Bobcats!  Congrats to the Ohio University Bobcats as they knock out #3 Georgetown in a BIG win tonight! It’s games like this and so many others today that make this the best time of the year for sports fans.  There really is NOTHING else like [...]

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Looking for Cinderella

March Madness officially starts today!  I’ve got a couple brackets filled out so that my friends can laugh at my total lack of knowledge when it comes to College Basketball.  I’m also hoping to see my Alma Matter continue to play the role of Cinderella. The Ohio Bobcats came into the MAC Tournament last weekend [...]

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I Love Creativity

I’ve always loved Rube Goldberg machines. How cool is that? You can see the story behind the making of this video HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

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Funny or Not?

OK, some people say my sense of humor is a little bit….well, “off” (and by some people I mean my wife). I saw this today and was in tears from laughing.  Apparently, this was shown during the NFL Conference finals this year.  My hat is off to Wal-Mart for this one.  I also think this [...]

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Charles Barkley’s Golf “Swing”

OK, I don’t watch Saturday Night Live anymore.  However, one of the things that’s always been good about the show is when the guest star wasn’t afraid to make fun if themselves.   Charles Barkley recently hosted the show and they had some fun with him in regards to his “golf swing”. Just a reminder – [...]

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Carlos & The Elf On The Shelf

OK, I don’t do this too often but I have to share – stop what you are doing – go and read Carlos Whittaker’s latest post about his family’s experience with the “elf on the shelf”. I dare you not to laugh.  You’ve been warned (and if you don’t laugh and think that my sense [...]

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